Serbian at the head of K-1: I want to regain the old glory!

K1 / BoxingHIGHLIGHTED 14.05.2014 11:10h Author:

Nenad Kuruc & Mike Kim

K-1 organization held its last big event in the Zagreb Arena a year ago when Mirko Filipović finally won the title of K-1 WGP champion.

Combat sports fans will agree that this once most popular fighting organization is not at its peak anymore, but they do not give up and they still persist in their activities.

Nenad Kuruc, a Canadian of Serbian origins is to be thanked K-1 still exists and this week he gave a short statement to B92.

„I heard people do good job in Serbia. I wish the fighters from my country also get a chance to fight at K-1. We started well, I think we will soon reestablish our organization“, said Kuruc who is now the head of K-1 operations.