Sergei Lascenko dies at the age of 27

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Photo by Ivana Kaurloto (Fight Site)

Sergei Lascenko, 27 year old renowned kickboxer who was part of the FFC roster and often fought in Croatia, was killed on Wednesday in Ukraine.

According to the source, Lascenko was literally executed during a shooting that took place in the so-called Jewish hospital in the city of Odessa. Two Ukrainian citizens were injured while Lascenko died on the spot.
Sergei was born in 1987 in Pavlohrad and was one of the best kickboxers in the world. He had a score of 33 wins and 14 losses.

In 2011 he won the Superkombat WGP heavyweight title when he defeated Ismael Londt in the finals. The victory launched him among the world's top kickboxers.

Lascenko had his last match in September 2014 in Gdansk when he defeated Tomasz Stepkowski.
Rest in peace!