Superkombat and Faith Fight signs long term agreement

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Superkombat Fighting Championship board proudly announces a market-partnership with Faith Fight, a rising stand-up rules promotion in China.

This is the start of a long term agreement between Faith Fight and Superkombat to develop the martial arts market in China and to promote the China fighters all around the world.

“We are every excited to be working side by side with for China market a new, but very strong promotion as Faith Fight. Our co-promoted events will be aired all around the world and it’s a big step for the global kickboxing market. Soon, we will announce also the names of the other promotion wich will work with use to develop this sport”,  said mr Eduard Irimia, the CEO of Superkombat.

“It’s a big step not only for Chinese market, but also the international market of kickboxing. We are very happy to work with a big brand as Superkombat”, said Wenfeng Lin, the representative of Faith Fight.

The first event in cooperation, Superkombat World Grand Prix presented by Faith Fight, will take place on July 29th, in Shenzen, China, were rising stars of the Chinese kickboxing, but also international stars were added on the card. The full fight card of the night will be announced monday morning.

Superkombat is the largest martial arts promotion in Europe, featuring most of the top-ranked fighters in the sport and is ranked as Europe’s premier kickboxing league. Superkombat produces events worldwide and promotes a brand of professional kickboxing which is self-acknowledged as not just a sporting event, but also entertainment.

Launched in 2016, Faith Fight was launched in 2016 has stood out in China’s kickboxing market and established its own reputation. The promotion dedicated its efforts not only to enhacing the level of professionalism or China’s kickboxing industry, but also to provide an international platform for the world’s top kickboxers to compete and communicate.