VanNostrand’s team crunch some numbers for Van Roosmalen

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Photo: Glory

Last week, reigning featherweight champion Robin Van Roosmalen gave American rival Kevin VanNostrand a “0.01% chance of victory” in their upcoming title unification fight, according to
In December, VanNostrand won the interim featherweight championship, created when Van Roosmalen was thought to be facing an extended recovery from injury. 
Now, Van Roosmalen is back and he’s heading to Long Beach, Los Angeles next week to face off with VanNostrand for the undisputed world title on Saturday, March 31. 
VanNostrand read Van Roosmalen’s comment last week and has responded with a prediction of his own.
“I don’t get affected by what he says or predicts, I’m focused on having the best training camp of my career,” he says. 
“On Saturday, March 31st, I am going to take that belt and become the first ever unified GLORY champion and ONLY male American GLORY champion in history.” 
VanNostrand’s manager and trainer Amer Abdallah also got involved, wanting to crunch some numbers with Van Roosmalen.
“Unfortunately for Robin, blind statistics like his .01% don’t mean much. What does matter are real statistics like the higher striking accuracy and landing ratio that Kevin has on him,” he says.
“I do agree when he says Kevin has a 0.01% chance of simply beating Robin – because he has a 99.99% chance of retiring him.”