World’s media are unanimous: Badr Hari’s arrival to Zagreb is a sensation!

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Badr Hari

Badr Hari entering the K-1 WGP Final in Zagreb is fantastic news for all martial arts fans across the globe. In addition to most Croatian outlets reporting that Hari will fight in the Zagreb Arena, this information resounded in the world's media as well.

The news of Badr Hari's participation in the K-1 WGP Final tournament in Zagreb was reported by the world's biggest martial arts media. Thus, MMA Fighting Magazine stated that Hari would be back in the ring in Zagreb after months spent in prison, as well as that Hari already had a win against Zabit Samedov in his career and that he had also fought Hesdy Gerges, but the fight ended in Hari's disqualification.

Reports on Hari's arrival to Zagreb have appeared in the Dutch media space as well. reported that Hari "will replace injured Ben Edwards" in Zagreb.

MixFight has also published the information on this turn of events. "The fantastic news of Hari's appearance gives a whole new dimension to the entire K-1 WGP Final."

Dutch website AT5 and Trouw reported that this was big news indeed since Hari was provisionally released and awaited trial scheduled for late March.

Liverkick pointed out that many were shocked and confused by the news that Badr Hari will fight at the K-1 WGP Final in Zagreb. In addition, they stated that no details of Badr's arrival to Zagreb were known, but that fans should "cross their fingers" for it to really happen!