Three athletes agree to sanctions for breach of GLORY’s anti-doping policy

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GLORY Sports International, the world’s leading stand up combat organization, today confirmed that three athletes have been sanctioned for breaches of GLORY’s anti-doping rules during GLORY competition.

All tests were undertaken by Doping Autoriteit Netherlands (DAN), with sanctions then determined by the Instituut Sportrechtspraak (ISR), the Netherlands’ national sporting authority.

Brazilian light-heavyweight Ariel Machado has been suspended for 20 months following a positive test for banned substances at GLORY 47 LYON, where he challenged reigning champion Artem Vakhitov.

Croatian heavyweight Mladen Brestovac has been issued with an official reprimand based on samples taken at his GLORY 54 title challenge against heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven.

Moroccan heavyweight Badr Hari has been issued with a 19-month suspension after tests on samples provided at GLORY 51 ROTTERDAM indicated a violation of Doping Autoriteit Netherlands rules regarding prohibited substances for competitive athletes.

A fourth athlete, Hesdy Gerges, a former GLORY competitor who faced Hari at GLORY 51, was also issued with an official reprimand by DAN but has denied any violation and has publicly indicated that he is contesting the proposed reprimand.

“GLORY takes a strong stance against the use of prohibited substances and expects the highest standards from its athletes. GLORY is committed to remaining a leader in the fight against the use of performance-enhancing substances in our sport,” said Marshall Zelaznik, GLORY CEO.

Hari and Gerges competed in the headline bout of GLORY 51 ROTTERDAM on Saturday, March 3, 2018. Hari won a unanimous decision after three rounds but the result is now officially overturned to a No Contest.

Machado faced Artem Vakhitov at GLORY 47 LYON in Lyon, France on October 28, 2017 and Brestovac faced Rico Verhoeven at GLORY 54 BIRMINGHAM in Birmingham, UK on Saturday, June 2, 2018. With Machado and Brestovac having lost those fights, the results remain unchanged.

Suspensions commence immediately from the date of the positive test notification being made to GLORY. Machado’s suspension has a commencement date of December 21, 2017 and Hari’s suspension has a commencement date of May 7, 2018.