[Video] John Gotti III slams his opponent unconscious at CES 56

MMA 01.06.2019 13:52h Author:

John Gotti III

It didn’t take John Gotti III long to extend his undefeated streak. Against a much more experienced opponent this time he still impressed by adding yet another 1st round TKO/KO victory to his record. Gotti’s opponent, Espino, was trying to pressure him and get a takedown, Gotti showed his defense well and worked his way into getting the back Espino.

From here it was the beginning of the end for Espino. With Espino positioned close to the cage, Gotti who had his back, picked him up and slammed him down to the mat, putting Espino unconscious. He followed it up with some strikes forcing the referee to step in. It was a calm and collected performance by John Gotti III who will be eying up some big things next. Check out the stoppage below.

Photo credit: CES