Badr Hari Sentenced to Two Years

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Yesterday, a Dutch court found Hari guilty of aggravated assault and disturbing the peace in relation to his attack on Everink (who was murdered in an apparently unrelated incident last year) at the Amsterdam Arena in 2012 and an incident at a nightclub in Amsterdam involving broken glass.

During his encounter with Hari, Everink suffered a broken nose, eye socket, and ankle. Hari was apparently angry at comments Everink had made about Hari’s then girlfriend Estelle Cruijff. The court sentenced the kickboxer to two years in prison, a sentence Hari’s lawyer, Benedicte Ficq, called “incomprehensible,” though Hari will likely end up serving only six months. Ficq told reporters that Hari, who was not present at the court hearing, will return to the Netherlands to serve his sentence.