First names selected for WGP Series after Superkombat Elimination

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The rising star of the year 2016, Sebastian Cozmanca, won his third fight in a row, this time in the main-event of the night at Superkombat Elimination against the former IFMA champion Simon Ogolla. The sold out event took place at Beraria H from Bucharest. Was the first event organized by Eduard Irimia Promotion after the announcement of the strategical partnership with Five’s International.

Cozmanca won by Unanimous Decision and get his place for the first World Grand Prix of the year, set for April 7th and broadcasted by CBS Sports Network in North America.

In the heavyweight elimination fights, Robert Constantin, a former rugby player and Italian armwrestling champion, scored the upset of the night after he defeats the local favorite Mihaita Golescu. Constantin (27 years old) showed no signs of wikness during the fight and sent Golescu down in the first round with a hard liver shot in the first round.

Another upset came from Cosmin Ionescu, undefeated in last 16 months, who defeated the K-1 East Europe 2010 runner-up Sebastian Ciobanu by Unanimous Decision after three hard rounds in one of the most spectacular fights of the night. Immediatly after his 15th win of the career, Ionescu (28 years old) annunced that he is ready for Superkombat title attack until the end of the season. “I’m ready for everyone”, said Ionescu.

One of the new heroes discovered last year, Daniel Stefanovski (21 years old) confirmed that his wins against Ionut Sandur and Bogdan Nastase were not a surprise and he scored a brutal KO win against Alex “Anonymus” Filip.

Adelin Mihaila pushed his undefeated professional record to a 7-0-0 after he won by Unanimous Decision against Jian Amiri from Norway, while the middleweight Eduard Chelariu took victory with a unanimous points decision over Andrej Baranov, showing another spectacular style.

The next event will take place on April 7th.


1. Super Fight – Heavyweight bout (+96 kg)
Alexandru Radnev (Romania) defeated Cosmin Maxim (Romania) by TKO in Round 1

2. Super Fight – Light Heavyweight plus bout (-86 kg)
Dragos Imbrea (Romania) defeated Ionut Sandur (Romania) by Unanimous Decision

3. Super Fight – Super Middleweight bout (-77 kg)
Adelin Mihaila (Romania) defeated Jian Amiri (Sweden) by Unanimous Decision

4. Super Fight – Light Heavyweight plus division (-86 kg)
Dumitru Topai (Romania) defeated Adrian Cibu (Romania) by KO in Round 1

5. Super Fight – Middleweight bout (-72 kg)
Eduard Chelariu (Romania) defeated Andrejs Baranov (Norway) by Unanimous Decision

6. Super Fight – Heavyweight bout (+96 kg)
Valentin Bordianu (Romania) defeated Marius Munteanu (Romania) by Unanimous Decision


7. Super Fight – Light Heavyweight bout (-81 kg)
Daniel Stefanovski (Switzerland) defeated Alex Filip (Romania) by KO in Round 3

8. Super Fight – Heavyweight bout (+96 kg)
Moriba Kosiah (Netherlands) defeated Robert Orbocea (Romania) by KO in Round 2

9. Super Fight – Light Heavyweight plus bout (-86 kg)
Cosmin Ionescu (Romania) defeated Sebastian Ciobanu (Romania) by Unanimous Decision

10. Super Fight – Heavyweight bout (+96 kg)
Robert Constantin (Romania) defeated Mihaita Golescu (Romania) by Unanimous Decision

11. Super Fight – Super Cruiserweight bout (-95 kg)
Sebastian Cozmanca (Romania) defeated Simon Ogolla (Sweden) by Unanimous Decision