Grand Prix Series 2017 starts where history of Superkombat began

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The first World Grand Prix of the year, broadcasted by CBS Sports Network, will take place in Bucharest at Romexpo Dome – the same arena where the history of Superkombat began seven years ago. The heavyweight world tour elimination, for the big final of the year, will face four fights with athletes from Romania, United Kingdom, Poland, United States of America and Switzerland.

“Here at Romexpo arena, in 2010, I organized the last World Grand Prix in Europe for the old K-1. Immediately after that, I decided to create Superkombat. Now, seven years later, we have a new adventure in coming to America”, said Mr. Eduard Irimia, CEO of Superkombat.

In the main-event of the night, “The Hulk” from United States of America, a very well known name in MMA, Anthony “Tony” Johnson (10-3), who has a background in Bellator and One FC, will make his debut under Superkombat flag against the “Big Polski” Lukasz Krupadziorow (6-4, 115 cm, 1.98 m), a former fotball hooligan, who previously defeated Daniel Sam (2014).

Another giant who starts the Superkombat adventure is the WKA British champion and Duel Grand Prix winner Kazadi Mwamba (14-3), a represenative of Democratic Republic of the Congo, who will face the undefeated new heroes star Robert Constantin (3-0-0).

The first World Grand Prix of the year will schedule also a world title eliminator fight between Imanol Rodriguez (16-4-1) and Daniel Stefanovski (9-1-0). The event includes a total of 10 fights and as you know, the first part can be watched live on FightBox HD starting with 19:00 CET.

“As you saw in the previous event, the level of production was improved after we signed the strategical partnership with Five’s International. For sure, also this time, you will see an upgrade. This is the next level”, added mr Irimia.

New Heroes (19:00 CET)

1. Super Fight – Light Heavyweight Plus bout (-86 kg)
Dragos Imbrea (Romania) vs Claudiu Alexe (Romania)

2. Heavyweight Eimination – Heavyweight bout (+96 kg)
Valentin Horjea (Romania) vs Alexandru Radnev (Romania)

3. Super Fight – Super Middleweight bout (-75 kg)
Magnus Onyeka (Norway) vs Eduard Chelariu (Romania)

4. Super Fight – Light Heavyweight plus bout (-86 kg)
Marios Blanas (Greece) vs Dumitru Topai (Romania)

5. Super Fight – Light Heavyweight bout (-81 kg)
Lotfi Amri (Morocco) vs Bogdan Nastase (Romania)

World Grand Prix (21:00 CET)

6. World Title Eliminator – Light Heavyweight bout (-81 kg)
Imanol Rodriguez (Spain) vs Daniel Stefanovski (Switzerland)

7. Heavyweight Eimination – Heavyweight bout (+96 kg)
Patrick Schmid (Switzerland) vs Valentin Bordianu (Romania)

8. Heavyweight Eimination – Heavyweight bout (+96 kg)
Dawid Zoltaszek (Poland) vs Cristian Ristea (Romania)

9. Heavyweight Eimination – Heavyweight bout (+96 kg)
Kazadi Mwamba (United Kingdom) vs Robert Constantin (Romania)

10. Heavyweight Eimination – Heavyweight bout (+96 kg)
Lukasz Krupadziorow (Poland) vs Anthony Johnson (USA)