Krav Maga Croatia comes up with another excellent expert workshop this weekend!

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Krav Maga Croatia

Mark February 3rd on your calendar for Krav Maga Croatia is about to hold another excellent seminar specialized in striking techniques, takedowns and transitions as well as some ground fighting techniques.

This Saturday some of the biggest Croatia’s Krav Maga experts are about to hold a workshop in Zagreb and address some of the most frequent questions and issues. The focus of the first part of the seminar will be on striking techniques and participants will get insight into proper striking methods employing their maximum potential. They will also learn how to effectively land significant combinations using both punches and kicks, basic footwork, bobbing and weaving.

After covering basic stand-up techniques, the participants will learn how to effectively take down the opponent as well as some useful transitions. The final segment of the workshop will cover ground fighting focusing on maintaining the dominant position, as well as some useful tips and tricks on armbars and submission techniques.

All the aforementioned techniques will be discussed and demonstrated by Krav Maga Expert, KMG Global team member and former kickboxing champion Dragan Franjković and Damir Mirenić, kickboxing coach, Krav Maga instructor and former MMA fighter.

Required equipment: Mouthpiece, groin protector, MMA gloves, boxing gloves and shin guards.

Time and place: February 3rd, 10 AM to 5 PM, Zagreb Fair, Pavilion 6

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