Superior FC: ‘We are pioneers when it comes to establishment and promotion of MMA in Germany’

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Superior FC

Germany’s Superior FC is one of Europe’s promotions that started to grow very rapidly in the last couple of years. Despite the fact that the promotion has been established in 2009, they made a big leap forward in 2016 in every aspect of the game – from production and organization to roster that is getting better and stronger. Therefore, Superior FC fight cards started to get better with each event resulting in cooperation with Croatia’s Final Fight Championship and Fight Channel World in 2017. The fruits of this collaboration are already visible in a couple of successful examples such as Roberto Soldić and Abusupiyan Magomedov who now fight in both promotions.

Daniel Anoschin, one of Superior FC leaders, revealed more details about the promotion and their upcoming Superior FC 17 that is to take place in Germany’s Dueren.

How long does Superior FC exist and how did it all start?

“Superior FC was founded in 2009 in Germany as international promoter and professional organizer of MMA events.  After MMA got more popular in the US and East Europe, our aim was to establish MMA in Western Europe.”

Can you introduce Superior FC to the Fight Channel World audience in couple of sentences?

“Superior FC is the largest MMA promotion in Germany and organizes international events with professional top athletes from all over the world. In 2010 we started with our first 8-man tournament according to K1 & MMA rules. Now we have the biggest cage in Europe and offer our events live on TV too. “

You organized16 events so far and you had a couple of events each year. Are you planning to do events more frequently considering that your roster of fighters is growing?

“Our plan is to have at least four events per year; our roster is growing from event to event.  To have a good fight card for every event we take athletes from previous events although every time we add new fighters too. “

Are you planning to organize events outside of Germany and if yes, what are your possible destinations?

“We are seriously considering this and we are already working on it. But, unfortunately, we cannot give you the details yet.”

MMA was banned in Germany for a while. But eventually everything sorted out. What is the background of the problems that mixed martial arts as sport had a couple of years ago and how did affect the whole sport?

“MMA live events had some obstacles in Germany but it was never completely banned. Authorities were not happy about it and there were some regulations that made it all difficult.  In order to get the official permission for MMA live events in Germany, we had to fight the authorities with the help of international lawyers and the press. In the end, the court annulled the prohibition of live events. That is why we can say that our company is a pioneer when it comes to the introduction, establishment and promotion of German MMA culture.”

Superior FC 17event is going to be held on the 20th of May. What can you tell us about the fight card?

“FC 17 will feature 13 matches, including 3 title bouts in the lightweight, bantamweight and heavyweight. Our athletes come from 16 countries. This time, everything is kept very international. It will be something Germany has never seen before!”

You started cooperation with Fight Channel World and FFC. Some FFC fighters will not fight in your promotion and vice versa.  Can you tell us something about that cooperation?

“Superior FC is now in cooperation with FFC and Fight Channel World. But I will leave all the details to Mr. Orsat Zovko to reveal.”