Superkombat Madrid on May 6th: Morosanu vs Krupadziorow

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Morosanu vs Krupadziorow

On May 6 , Palacio Vistalegre will host for the first time a major production in Spain , broadcasted around the world on television under the brand Superkombat Fighting Championship.
Superkombat is the european biggest tv production in kickboxing with more than 60 events in the last 6 years on Eurosport International all around the continent. Now, is time for Spain with an incredible fight card.
The night will include 10 international fights with international athletes and local heroes as Oso Perez, Edye Ruiz, Tar Cabez, Lolo Ramiro or Nenes Nayanesh were added also on the card which will schedule international stars coming from Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and North America.
The main event of the night is the battle between the superstar of heavyweight division Catalin Morosanu of Romania, known for his spectacular fights and his monstruous knock-outs, and the Giant of Poland, Lukasz Krupadziorow. A KO artist, Krupadziorow will face Morosanu after last week he defeated the Bellator fighter Tony Johnson jr by TKO in the first round.
The fight night will include special entertainment and a super production offered by Five’s International, a tv production company part of Av Alliance Network. The show from Palacio Vistalegre will be covered around the world in 95 countries and also by the prestigious american tv CBS Sports Network. The event will start at 19:00 CET with the first fight of the night.

Superkombat WGP II Madrid Fight Card:
Super Fight – Heavyweight division (+96 kg)
Lukasz Krupadziorow (Poland) vs Catalin Morosanu (Romania)
Super Fight – Heavyweight division (+96 kg)
Clyde Brunswijk (Suriname) vs Bruno Susano (Portugal)
Super Fight – Heavyweight division (+96 kg)
Daniel Alberti (Germany) vs Cristian Ristea (Romania)
Super Fight – Heavyweight division (+96 kg)
Patrick Schmid (Switzerland) vs Daniel Oso Perez (Spain)
Super Fight – Heavyweight division (+96 kg)
Mohamed Bellazar (Morocco) vs Dawid Zoltaszek (Poland)
Super Fight – Light Heavyweight division (-81)
Janu da Cruz (Guinea Bissau) vs Daniel Stefanovski (Switzerland)
Super Fight – Middleweight division (-73 kg)
Nenes Nayanesh (RD Congo) vs Eduard Chelariu (Romania)
Super Fight – Middleweight division (-72 kg)
Youssef El Hadmi (Morocco) vs Edye Ruiz (Dominican Republic)
Super Fight – Lightweight division (-63.5 kg)
Sonoda Kendo (Japan) vs Sergio Cabez (Spain)
Super Fight – Super Middleweight division (-77 kg)
Omar Amash (Israel) vs Lolo Romero (Spain)