Superkombat: Negrea vs Becirbasevic for the SK Intercontinental title

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Alexandru Negrea will face Mirza Becirbasevic on June 17t at Casino Campione from Campione d’Italia for the vacant Superkombat Intercontinental belt at the Light Heavyweight Plus Division.
The fight between the Romanian champion based in Italy and Becirbasesiv, a representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina, will the main-event of the night at Bellicum Kickboxing gala. The title fight is under license as part of the new development system announced by Superkombat.
Until now, Clyde Brunswijk (2014) and Mike Zambidis (2015) won Superkombat titles in fights outside of Superkombat galas via lycense system.
Former two times champion of Italy, Negrea (31 years old) has a spectacular background in Superkombat and Bellator, while his opponnent, Mirza Becirbasic (21 years old) is ICO European champion and WKF European champion.