WSOF VP: ’I beat Guillard every time’

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Guillard & Aziz

World Series of Fighting Executive Vice President Ali Abdel-Aziz recently appeared as a guest in Ariel Helwani's show and talked about Melvin Guillard among other things. Aziz is a former fighter himself and he is still in top shape. He trains at Greg Jackson's gym. Despite the fact that he said he will not waste time on the former UFC fighter, he could not resist but to mention Guillard who is to headline the upcoming Bellator event that is to take place this weekend.

"I don't really care about Melvin. He's a UFC reject. He's a WSOF reject. Now he's headlining Bellator's main event. Like, the guy was talking so much s**t. When he left the UFC, he was talking s**t about the UFC. When he left World Series of Fighting, he was talking s**t about World Series of Fighting. When he's going to get cut from Bellator, he's going to talk about Bellator…“

"Melvin sucks. Honestly, I think he's an explosive, athletic guy, he's getting older — it's not working for him… We had some sparring sessions in the gym at Greg Jackson's, and I beat Melvin every time. Melvin is never going to be a world champion. Melvin is going to be a world champion of one thing: he taps. That's what Melvin does. That what he does, he's the world champion of tapping…“

"All you've got to do is just match him up with a wrestler. He's going to take him down and finish him. That's how I finished him in the gym and Greg Jackson was a witness of that,“ said Aziz.