Best Bulgarian MMA Fighters united against Nedkov form their own Federation

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Press conference on the occasion of the foundation of the Bulgarian Shootfighting Federation, a federation that should be a counterweight to Bulgarian MMA Federation under Stanislav Nedkov, was held on Friday, January 22 at Sofia’s Vasil Levski National Stadium.

The goal of this newly formed organization, as said by its leadership in front of a sizeable crowd of journalists, is the salvation of the MMA in Bulgaria. With the regulation of the current MMA rules and its alignment with Shootfighting rules, this newly formed federation will gain the legal power to organize their own events, without Stanislav Nedkov’s consent. The Federation’s president Krasen Petroc emphasized that he will fight that each and every promotion, Bulgarian or foreign, gets a chance to organize an MMA event, which has not been the case so far. Nedkov rigorously controlled the MMA events and he set his own terms and regulations when it comes to the organization, which corresponded to the interests of the MMA Federation.

President of the Commission of Referees and Judges, Emil Kazakov, also spoke to the media. He explained the legal foundation of the new Federation. Shootfighting rules are slightly different from the MMA rules and those two sports are similar but still different. This fact made it possible for the regulatory court to approve the foundation of the new federation December 10.

The speakers at the press conference also emphasized that all best Bulgarian MMA fighters who are against the totalitarianism of Nedkov’s MMA Federation already became their members. FFC also had an event scheduled in the Bulgarian capital. However, only one week prior to the event, the Bulgarian MMA Federation stopped it. The date was first postponed for December 6, but later on, Orsat Zovko and FFC decided to give up on the event in Sofia because of the high risk that the event could be sabotaged again.