Brčić: ‘I want FFC to give me Račić and then we’ll see who’s the boss in bantamweight division!’

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Stipe Brcic FFC

‘It always feels nice to win after so many sacrifices. I always do my best during the preps and then I can step into the ring relaxed and with no pressure,’ said Stjepan Brčić after his FFC debut in Linz this weekend.

Despite the fact that he got a new opponent on one day notice, Brčić made quite a dominant performance against Davor Matić fighting out of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Brčić won via stoppage in the first round and he is happy he won, but he also believes one can always do better.

‘I dominated, but it can always be better. Me and my coach always analyze every single detail of a fight and we try to learn something even if I won the match. With all due respect to my opponent, we’re not on the same level, but I would like to thank him he accepted to step up on only one day notice and save the bout.’

Brčić also commented his first FFC experience.

‘FFC is a top promotion watched by people all around the world. I think I don’t need to say more. Every promotion that makes it to the American market deserves respect. In FFC you know who’s doing what and it’s just so well organized. It means a lot to us, as fighters, that our fights are available around the globe and that’s the best way for people to notice us.’

Stjepan Brčić remained undefeated in his professional career now having five consecutive wins under his belt. There is no doubt that we will see this young man again in the FFC ring.

‘My plan is to get better and better. I expect a tough opponent from the FFC. I don’t want to boost my score. I am a fighter, not a show off. You are either a warrior or you should not train MMA. I want FFC to give me Račić so I can show everybody who’s the boss in bantam division,’ concluded Brčić.