Breaking news: Cro Cop officially retires!

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Mirko Filipović

One of the greatest athletes in the history of Croatia and one of the biggest combat sports names in general in the world, Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipović, last night announced his final retirement on his official Facebook profile.

The reason is the shoulder injury he had told us about just a few days ago in an exclusive interview. Although he said he was able to fix this nasty injury and that he would be able to perform in Seoul in a match against Anthony Hamilton, it seems that the problem popped up again. Only two and a half weeks before the scheduled bout, Filipović decided to say farewell to MMA.

Read his official Facebook statement

'Dear friends, unfortunately I had to cancel the fight in Seoul. Already at the beginning of the preparations I hurt my shoulder, so that I could not raise my arm. I tried to fix this injury in all possible ways, with daily therapies, with injections of blood plasma and with various cocktails of drugs, but it did not work. The only remedy would be a two, three weeks break that I could not afford in the midst of final preparations. Daily trainings only worsened the injury. A part of the muscle snapped, my shoulder is full of fluids and there is a great danger of another tendon rupture which would force me to undergo a surgery again.

I do not need this, especially at my age. I spent summer traveling to Munich to therapies with one of the most famous doctors for chronic inflammation of the tendons. When I travel to Vinkovci I have to stop twice during my journey because of the pain in those tendons that becomes unbearable in the sitting position. I had four knee surgeries as well. Plus now I have these shoulder problems, not to mention my back.  Whenever I go to a MR no matter what, my test results begin with 'degenerative changes', but that is the price that must be paid. Of course, people see only one side of the medal. They see material things. No one sees pain, blood and tears. But that’s life.

It is now 2 AM and I cannot fall asleep. Thoughts are swirling through my mind and I'm analyzing my career. I realized this is the end of the road for me. I cannot train in such pain anymore. My body is worn out from the countless training sessions, I have nine surgeries behind me, my body became prone to injuries and I have to put ice on my knee after every work out so it does not get filled with fluid. I have therapies twice a week. The next match would be my 80th professional match, which is a lot. Especially at K-1, Pride, IGF and UFC level.

My biggest problem now will be adaptation to ‘normal’ life without two workouts a day, without constant travels around the world (that part will not be a problem). I will train as long as I live because that is my life, but not at this rate and this makes me happy in a way. This is not a compulsive decision in a moment of sadness and frustration. This is my final decision. And this is the best for me. Sooner or later the time comes when one must think about his health. I had rich and long career and I believe I left a deep mark in combat sports, both in MMA and K-1. I have no regrets. Thanks to all of you who have followed my career and to all of you who supported me. I will cherish all the beautiful memories. Farewell!’