Brestovac offered a match against Badr Hari!

Regional newsHIGHLIGHTED 16.10.2014 16:28h Author:

Mladen Brestovac

Today Mladen Brestovac, Croatia’s best heavyweight fighter, was in some serious calculations as Bard Hari’s opponent at GFC 4 in Dubai. After Quartenon cancelled the match, GFC leaders contacted FFC President and Fight Channel CEO Orsat Zovko and asked whether “The Scorpion Sting” was available to fight today against the Moroccan mega star.

This invitation is a big recognition of Mladen’s hard work and excellent results he scored in the past two years. This giant fighter with deadly kicks has not been defeated since 2012 when he lost to Benjamin Adegbuyi. Ever since then he scored nine consecutive victories and defeated fighters such as Frank Munoz, Sergei Lascenko, Ali Cenik, Jahfarr Wilnis and Kirk Krouba.

However, at the moment Mladen is at the most demanding phase of his preps for the match with Nicolas Wambe that will take place in Marseilles and he was not able to board a plane, fly to Dubai and fight Badr Hari in a couple of hours.

“I’m glad I got this offer, but I’m sorry the match cannot happen due to objective reasons. I was simply not able to fly to Dubai in less than 24 hours and fight Hari. I hope it will happen in the future because I would definitely love to fight Hari”, said Brestovac to Fight Site.

To get a chance to fight Hari is like winning the lottery. But in the end, Brestovac never really got that opportunity and has nothing to regret.