Check out 3rd part of Sakara vs Browarski documentary (VIDEO)

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After 15 matches and 7 years is the elite MMA promotion, Alessio Sakara is facing a new start. His first station will be FFC 16 and Vienna, that is, a match against dangerous Polish fighter Maciej Browarski. His goal is clear and he never tried to hide it after he inked a deal with Final Fight Championship. Sakara wants to return to the UFC as soon as possible and FFC is only a stepping stone.

The proof of Legionarius' popularity in Italy is also the fact that the match will be broadcasted via D-MAX owned by Discovetry Channel. The TV crew is to come to Vienna together with Sakara and they will follow all his steps while there will also be a couple of buses of his fans arriving from Italy.

D-MAX TV also made a short documentary abbot Browarski camp.

Check out the 3rd part HERE.