Check out Cro Cop’s swollen elbow only a couple of days prior to the match!

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Mirko Filipović did a very good match against Jarrell Miller last weekend at Glory 17 Los Angeles. Cro Cop has shown that he is not an old man, as Miller called him before the match and that he can very well cope with younger fighters like the American in question.

The unanimous decision could have been even more convincing if Filipović did not have to fight a dangerous infection on his right elbow that burst a couple of days prior to the match. After the match, Cro Cop revealed he almost cancelled the match but gave no further details.

Fight Site learned that it was not sure up to the very last day whether Mirko will be ready for the match. The nasty infection made doctors in Zagreb suggest that the match was not the best option, but Co Cop decided to enter the ring nevertheless. The problem arose due to the fact that Mirko became immune to antibiotics and even the puncture of the liquid formation that grew on his elbow did not solve the problem.

Filipović and his team feared that the California State Athletic Commission, which is not prone to issuing permits to fighters with injuries or health issues, might forbid him to fight. Mirko could have flown to Los Angles where doctors could have sent him back to Croatia before the match.

Fortunately, the last "cure" of antibiotics did its job and Filipović defeated Jarrel Miller.

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