Check out the official FFC 16 weigh-ins results! (PHOTO)

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Alessio Sakara & Maciej Browarski

The official weigh-ins for the tomorrow's FFC 16 took place today and all the fighters met the weight except Grigor Ashughbabyan but his opponent Stevan Živkvić agreed to fight nevertheless. Marko Perak vs. Nandor Gulemino match is definitely off the FFC 16 fight card, while Maro's brother, Kristijan Perak, got a new opponent.

FFC 16 event is comprised of six MMA and six kickboxing matches as well as of one opening women’s' boxing match and it will be held in the Austrian capital of Vienna. The weigh-ins went well with no problems whatsoever. The only fighter who did not make the weight was Grigor Ashughbabyan, but his opponent Stevan Živković agreed to fight.

Maro Perak will not be fighting at this event, since his opponent cancelled and the FFC leaders did not manage to find an adequate opponent on such a short notice. However, Maro's brother Kristijan got a new opponent instead of Dominic Schober who sustained an injury and now he is to fight Aurel Pirtea from Romania in catchweight.

Marcin Prachnio, Theodosiadis Panagiotis and Aurel Pirtea still did not arrive to Vienna and they will do the weigh-ins upon the arrival.

FFC 16 – weigh-ins results:

Ivan Zidar (68.4) vs. Alin Span (68.2)
Lirin Ahmeti (73.5) vs. Aziz Kalah (73.8)
Stevan Živković (77.0) vs. Grigor Ashughbabyan (80.3)
Theodosiadis Panagiotis vs. Dževad Poturak (103.2)
Gianfranco Capurso (71.5) vs. Fadi Merza (72.0)
Duoli Chen (77.2) vs. Shkordan Veseli (76.5)
Marcin Prachnio vs. Aleksandar Rakić (92.1)
Aurel Pirtea vs. Kristijan Perak (82.5)
Dragan Pešić (66.2) vs. Manuel Bilić (65.2)
Adin Buljubašić (77.4) vs. Primož Vrbinc (77.1)
Lemmy Krušić (66.4) vs. Phillip Schranz (66.8)
Maciej Browarski (91.0) vs. Alessio Sakara (92.8)
Nicole Wesner (61.2) vs. Gina Chamie (60.5)