Cro Cop calls out K-1 owner once again: ‘He called next day and begged me to stop writing’

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Ante Delija & Mirko Filipović

Mirko Filipović does not plan to stop fighting for his money that K-1 owner Mike Kim owns him for his fight in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2013.

Despite the fact that there are other fighters that never got their purses, Filipović won the tournament and this is the reason why he never gave up on this fight. This time he took a photo with Ante Delia in T-shirt with Kim’s face and shared it via social media.

“This lovely face belongs to Mike Kim,the owner of legendary K-1 organisation.i wrote about him two months ago and i told that he is a cheater who never paid fighters from K-1GP 2013.he called next day and begged me to stop writing and that he will pay.of course he is not answering the phone calls and messages since then.and i promised him that i will not forget him,and that i will inform K-1 fans,fighters and his bussines partners what kind of man he is.and punks and cheaters like him deserves that.i printed this t-shirts as i promised i people will remember his name and his adorable face.this is just first t-shirt,others will be posted later with appropriate banner each time.please share,because people like Mike Kim deserves that every one finds out what a cheater he is.when he can steal from fighters who fought for him than he can and he will steal from anyone!,” wrote Cro Cop.