Cro Cop defeated in Moscow: "Boa Constrictor" made him tap in round one!

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Cro Cop VS Oleinik

Mirko Filipovic was unable to validate his role as the favorite in the main event of a spectacular Legend 2. Alexey Oleinik lived up to his nickname and won by getting Cro Cop into a lock just 20 seconds before the end of the first round!

The Russian fighter's game plan way very clear from the outset. Mirko wanted to stay on his feet, while Oleinik went for a takedown immediately. At first he wasn't successful, Cro Cop even had a solid guillotine choke attempt, but that hold wasn't good enough.

Soon afterwards, the fighters did go to the ground, the Russian was in a somewhat better position and made a couple of choke attempts but couldn't follow through.

The fighters returned to the stand-up mode briefly before going back to the ground game, and some 20 seconds before the end of the round Oleinik managed another win with a neck crank lock. Cro Cop was forced to tap as there was no way out. 

Even though Cro Cop lost, arguably the best MMA fighter ever, Fedor Emelianenko, came to shake his hand immediately after the fight in the ring.

Legend 2: Alexey Oleinik def. Mirko Filipović – neck crank R1