Cro Cop: I wanted a fight against Peter Aerts in Zagreb!

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Mirko Filipović

Mirko Filipovic has been regarded as a martial sports legend for quite some time, and his Croatian fans will have the opportunity to see him live in Arena Zagreb for the third year in a row. Following the Cro Cop Final Fight event and the K-1 WGP Final, he will take part in Glory 15 in March next year.

Cro Cop is in for a long-awaited rematch against triple K-1 WGP Final winner Remy Bonjasky, and now it has come to light that his opponent was originally supposed to be Peter Aerts, another K-1 legend and one of the best fighters ever.

Mirko revealed this in an interview with the Vecernji list daily…

"The first fight against Remy was attractive, I won, and afterwards he won the final K-1 tournament three times. I would've been happier to fight Peter Aerts, as was initially planned, or anyone other than Remy because we are in very good relations, and he even came to Zagreb to spar with me once. But, that's what Glory wanted, and I said yes putting aside that we will do our best to hurt each other. What can you do, that's what this sport is,"  Cro Cop said.

Fight Site has exclusively presented the official poster for Glory 15, which doubtlessly ranks among the biggest sporting events in Croatia's history.