Cro Cop in hospital!

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This Tuesday morning Mirko Cro Cop Filipović sent a message to his fans from his hospital bed! He did not reveal many details, but it is not difficult to conclude that he is preparing for the knee surgery he has been talking about for last couple of months.

After winning RIZIN Grand Prix in December 2016, Filipović said that it was his last match and a good way to retire. He also revealed he had serious knee injuries during his preps and that he will have to undergo a surgery.

“These are my magnet results. With a knee in such a shape, most would not even fight on PlayStation, let alone go thought brutal final preparations that took eight weeks and then to go Japan to fight! But if it was easy, I would not be me. And now dr. Hudec will do the surgery on me,” wrote Filipović a couple of days ago.