Cro Cop introduces his new online seminar in Japan, invites Ishii to join!

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Mirko Cro Cop

Cro Cop is in a great mood and he is preparing for a new match on New Years' Eve at INOKI Bom-Ba-Ye. This Sunday he posted photos from the open training session while he also introduced his new project – an online seminar, that the Japanese liked so much that even the media reported about it.

Mirko told them some already known facts about the project that is to start February 1 and will include other prominent fighters such as Dean Lister. The price of the seminar is 20 euro, that is, 2500 yen.

Mirko once again said he felt great and well prepared while he also recommended his opponent to apply for the seminar “in case his pride allows him to do that, he might learn many useful things.“

Cro Cop and Ishii are to fight on New Year's eve in Japan. Watch the whole event live from Tokyo on Fight Channel December 31 at 9 AM.