Cro Cop refuses new fight offers: “I leave happy and fullfilled. I leave as a winner”

Regional newsHIGHLIGHTED 04.01.2017 14:10h Author:

Mirko Filipović (Instagram)

Mirko Filipović announced his retirement again yesterday when he appeared as a guest at NOVA TV. Legendary Cro Cop said it was still possible for him to have a farewell fight in Japan, but he also emphasized that it would be up to his injuries.

After speaking his mind on TV, Mirko also addressed his fans via Faceboook. In his second and more detailed post, Cro Cop revealed more about his farewell fight and said he would not mind this fight at Rizin Grand Prix to be his last one since he would thus retire a winner.

“My dear friends and all of you who followed my career, I want to inform you, as I said last night at Nova TV, that Rizin GP was my last bout.

Unfortunately, my health has deteriorated and I am no longer able to keep the pace and do deadly super strenuous trainings that are necessary to compete in any sport, let alone MMA. My knee was heavily injured and filled with liquid after every hard training and my each training is like that. I will have to go to a knee surgery for the fifth time, tenth time in general, and I will have more details about the method of the procedure next week after MR. I already injured ligaments on my right knee eight years ago, my meniscus is replaced and now the cartilage is damaged too. My knee cannot take trainings like that anymore, to be honest.

During these preparations I went beyond my pain threshold to get it all done and to prepare myself properly. In the last four weeks I could not even run from pain in the knee and I do not want to puncture the knee at the end of every week, nor sustain anymore ice burns. It was hard, but I wanted to win the Rizin tournament and go home champion which has no price. In the last couple of days I received some huge offers, but I said no to it. I always said I will train and fight as long as I find pleasure in it, but now I really have to stop. My body is torn from hard training and there is no point in continuing. In the end, my health has to be my priority and I have to think about the future.

I said I’d love to do a farewell fight in Japan, and that would be great, of course, if I manage to rehabilitate the knee and make it through another preparations, but it is very questionable. It could possibly happen in the second half of the year, but even if this fight does not happen I’m leaving happy, satisfied and fulfilled. I’m leaving in the best possible way, as a winner, and that is priceless.

Unfortunately, many great champions did not have that privilege and pleasure because they did not know when to stop, and they retired after series of defeats, which does not reduce their achievements, but it leaves a bitter taste. I think this is the best time to go and that’s why I’m especially happy. Retiring as winner has no price! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart my heart for your support in my 20 year long career and thank you for to each message and warm words you sent me,” wrote Filipović.