Cro Cop undergoes sucessful knee surgery

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Dr. Primorac, Filipović i dr. Hudetz

Mirko Filipović yesterday addressed his fans from the hospital bed via his Facebook. Apparently, Cro Cop went through a knee surgery that caused his many problems during his career. The knee problems aggravated during Mirko’s last preps for the Rizin tournament in December last year.

Now Mirko again posted a new message to his fans via Facebook explaining more about the surgery and recovery.

“Dear friends, yesterday I went to the Sv. Katarina Hospital where they successfully performed surgery on my knee. Dr Hudetz applied the most recent method to be used in orthopedics which is carried out only in this hospital. The procedure is called ‘Lipogems’ and they applied my own stem cells (whatever that means, because 99.9% of you, nor I, have no idea what it is and exactly how it works), which gives excellent results.

The problem was that these stem cells are taken from fat tissue from the abdomen, which I did not have enough, so it was difficult, but somehow legendary dr Hudetz (my great friend and the king of orthopedics) managed to scrape enough to perform the procedure. This is 7th time dr Hudetz performs surgery on me (feet, hand and five times knee). If it comes to the tenth, he will have to be my best man. Otherwise, dr Hudetz is this handsome fellow to my left and dr Primorac is on my right!”