Croata: Bakočević is a fat swine, Račić will defeat Krušič in the title fight

Regional-newsHIGHLIGHTED 05.09.2014 15:53h Author:

Francisco Barrio

A very interesting autumn is ahead when it comes to the combat sports scene in the region. FFC is preparing its new events and introducing its first title fights!

FFC will crown its first two champions already this October in Ljubljana, Slovenia. However, Fransico Barrio and Vaso Bakočević will fight at FFC 16 in Poreč, Croatia, October 31.

The Argentine-Croatian fighter won the hearts of Croatian fans in only a couple of matches and the crowd will probably be on his side. However, Vaso Bakočević has more experience and this will definitely be the fight you do not want to miss.

The two fighters have been trash talking on social networks for quite some time already while Frascisco now posted a video interview on Facebook claiming: “Vaso Bakočević is a fat swine. I will beat him up so badly that he won’t be able to talk after the match. I don’t like him at all, I think he’s a jerk. He spoke bad of me, of my mom and everybody around me. Everybody wants me to beat the hell out of him, and I will do it.”

Fransicso also made a comment about the title fight between Antun Račić and Lemmy Krušič: “I expect Račić to win and I believe I will be the next challenger when I defeat Bakočević.”