Denis Marjanović: I did not show my best, but I did enough to keep the belt

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Denis Marjanović

Denis Marjanović lost his middleweight title last Saturday in Athens, Greece. He was defeated by Croatia’s Andi Vrtačić. Marjanović was not satisfied by his performance but he believes he did enough for a win, which he did not score in the end.

After three tight rounds the match went to an extra round and then Vrtačić won by points. Marjanović and his team KB Hektor Laktaši expressed the fact that they were unsatisfied with the decision, but Marjanović was simply disappointed, not angry.

“What can I say about this match? We knew it would not be easy to win because my opponent has this strange and unorthodox style. He is definitely a talented fighter but he did not deserve to win the title in this match. He showed nothing except a couple of punches that really landed but everything else was in vain. He was throwing punches in panic and he ran around the ring. If we look at the pro rules, it is clear that judges have to count only the punches that landed and that did some damage. The punches like that don’t count event at amateur level anymore because no one is interested in pointfighting. I’m not saying I performed great, I did not show the best version of me, but I think I did enough in the first three rounds. And even in the fourth one. I am the champ and I had the belt, so the contender should have dome more to take the belt. I don’t know what made judges make that decision. When my impressions settle, we will see what’s next for me. I would like to thank everybody for the support and I’m sorry if I disappointed some of you, but that’s the nature of this sport,” wrote Marjanović.