Dževad Poturak becomes entrepreneur, brings Bard Hari to Sarajevo

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The best Bosnian fighter, Dževad Poturak together with his brother Dženan went into entrepreneurship. This does not mean that they will no longer engage in professional sports, but only that they made their father's wish who does not want to watch his sons in the ring anymore. In an interview with Radio Sarajevo, Dževad revealed more about his new sports store in Bosnia and Herzegovina's capital.

“This store is our father's gift. He simply wanted me and my brother to say goodbye to professional fighting. However, my brother and I are world champs and we scored good results in this sports making it to the top. This is why I still do not want to retire,” said Dževad and added:

“The store is really beautiful and the only thing me and my brother can say to our father is a big thank you. It will definitely be one of our priorities. But I did not suffer a loss in Bosnia for the last 10-11 years. I have to move on because there are many interesting matches ahead of me.”

Poturak revealed one more interesting fact…

“I also expect a call from Badr Hari. He will come to Sarajevo, we'll organize a seminar and there will be lots of other interesting activities.“