Emkić: One day in a rematch, El Bouni will end up on his back

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Igor Emkić (I. Kaurloto / Fight Channel)

At FFC 6 in Poreč last Friday, Igor Emkić experienced the first defeat in his professional career.

He was severely knocked out in less than 30 seconds of the fight after his opponent Ibrahim El Bouni landed an accurate cross on his chin.

"What else to say than it was a lucky punch. Far from saying I was good. I went in completely out of focus and stiff. I simply wasn't myself. A couple of days before the fight I started to feel bad and I was a bit ill. But, as they say, "show must go on", and there was no chance I'd back out."

"I hope I'll get a chance for a rematch against El Bouni someday, and then he'll be the one to end up on his back," Igor said in a brief interview with Fight Site.