Exclusive: Zovko, Cro Cop and Poturak surprised K-1 owner Mike Kim in Belgrade

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Photo: Fight Site

As seen on the photos published exclusively by Fight Site, Fight Channel owner Orsat Zovko, Mirko Cro Cop Filipović and Dževad Poturak yesterday night met K-1 owner Mike Kim. Zovko and two legendary kickboxers came all the way to Belgrade not to watch K-1 WGP Euro that took place yesterday, but to talk to the owner of the organization that owes tremendous amounts of money to K-1 WGP Finals Zagreb semi-finalists all the way back from 2013.

As told by the witnesses, Mike Kim was more than surprised when Zovko, Filipović and Poturak showed up in Belgrade at hotel „Astoria“. The topic of their discussion was, of course, the debt that once famous K-1 left behind after the event in Zagreb. Despite the fact that Orsat Zovko did not want to talk about the details on the meeting, he briefly revealed what happened.

“It is true, I met Mike Kim in Belgrade with Mirko and Dževad. It was very late and the meeting was quite long. But the most important thing is that Mike Kim wants to solve this problem and settle the debts from 2013 after K-1 WGP Finals in Zagreb. He asked us to be patient until he puts everything on feet and bring K-1 to a higher level. We all agreed that this situation is not good for anyone and that it is in our common interest to solve this. That’s all I can tell you at this point,” said Zovko briefly.

After their event in Zagreb, K-1 did not pay semi-finalists their fighter purse for more than three and a half years now. In the last couple of weeks, many fighters decided to go out in public with this problem.