FFC 29 – Mladen Brestovac post-fight interview: “Tonight I had my bachelor night here in the ring”

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Mladen Brestovac

FFC 29 co-headliner featured a clash of two titans; one of the world’s best heavyweight kickboxers Mladen Brestovac and kickboxing legend Dževad Poturak. FFC heavyweight king Mladen Brestovac managed to dominate throughout the match and defended his belt in a very confident manner.

“I feel great, I did not go all in because I did not want to risk an injury. I knew I will win this match. I was dominant when it comes both to kicks and punches so I did not want to risk. I think I did well,” said Brestovac.

“Dževad Poturak is a big name in kickboxing and but I think I was better.”

“Yes, I’m getting married in two weeks and I had my bachelor night here in the ring, obviously,” concluded Brestovac and laughed.