FFC 6 pre-fight weigh-ins: check out who were the weight-regain kings this time

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FFC 06 Poreč

FFC 6 is still a pretty hot topic in the regional martial arts world thanks to the truly excellent fights we were able to watch last Friday in Poreč.

Information that MMA and K-1 fans always find interesting is related to fighters' weights, and the FFC has continued its practice of weighing the fighters once more during the evening, before they enter the ring.

Several fighters this time gained more than five kilos within roughly 24 hours, with welterweights Ivica Trušček and Laszlo Senyei at the forefront. Slovenian Miran Fabjan also stood out, and significant weight gains after the official weigh-ins were found in Matija Blažičević and Teo Mikelić as well.

We need to mention that the fighters were in no way restricted during the pre-fight weigh-ins, nor were they subject to any weight-related penalties. In the brackets below are the pre-fight weights, followed by the official weigh-in figures as measured a day earlier.

FFC 6:
Igor Jurković (100.8 kg) 100.2 kg vs. Dževad Poturak (105.7 kg) 104.2 kg, KB HW
Hesdy Gerges (102.0 kg) 101.7 kg vs. Pavel Zhuravlev (98.9 kg) 98.1 kg, KB HW
Ivica Trušček (85.0 kg) 77.0 kg vs. Laszlo Senyei (83.7 kg) 69.8 kg, MMA -77kg
Emil Poljak (102.5 kg) 102.5 kg vs. Dorijan Ilić (105.8 kg) 101.8 kg, MMA HW
Miran Fabjan (87.6 kg) 81.3 kg vs. Ivan Bilić (80.9 kg) 80 kg, KB -81kg
Igor Emkić (85.6 kg) 83.9 kg vs. Ibrahim El Bouni (84.3 kg) 84.2 kg, KB -85 kg
Mladen Kujundžić (99.7 kg) 98.6 kg vs. Nikola Dimkovski (105.8 kg) 104.3 kg, KB HW
Ivan Vitasović (105.7 kg) 104.0 kg vs. Stefan Traunmuller (104.9 kg) 105.2 kg, MMA HW
Samo Petje (73.1 kg) 70.0 kg vs. Teo Mikelić (74.0 kg) 70.2 kg, KB -71 kg
Matija Blažičević (75.0 kg) 69.3 kg vs. Phillip Šarić (68.4 kg) 68.8 kg, MMA -70kg