FFC and Fight Channel World in the US as of 2016, American investors show big interest in Croatian brands!

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Orsat Zovko & Michael Buffer

This Wednesday in the famous Hollywood W Hotel, a grand VIP “red carpet” party was held on the occasion of the signing of the agreement between the Croatian Fight Channel Group and American production company Hoplite Entertainment. All for the purpose of spreading the Croatian brand on the American market!

The hosts of this gala party were Fight Channel owner and FFC President, Mr. Orsat Zovko and Mr. Jon Smith, Hoplite Entertainment CEO and a new strategic partner of the Fight Channel Group. Hoplite Entertainment Company will provide full support in the sense of production when it comes to the FFC events that are to take place next year in the USA.

Instead of the expected two hundred VIP guests, some three hundred famous Hollywood producers, actors and celebrities attended the party. Among them was Belllator and former UFC fighter Cheick Kongo as well as the face of all big fighting sports spectacles – Michael Buffer, author of the famous “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble“ catchphrase and Zovko’s personal friend who also worked as an announcer on several events in Croatia.

Moreover, several big US investors also attended the party and expressed a big interest in the Croatian brands. They were also impressed with Fight Channel’s accomplishments in a very short period of time. However, what impressed them the most was the FFC’s high level of production quality.

Visibly happy after this Hollywood party, Mr. Zovko said:

“I am extremely pleased. Moreover, I am more than pleased with this party. The interest was even higher than expected and there were even more important guests that I thought would come. What matters to me the most is that all the guests were impressed with Fight Channel Group and FFC.”

“Most of the night I only heard compliments on the results that we achieved. It is of great importance to us that so many people came to this party as well as a couple of big investors who are ready to invest in this project since they believe it has a perspective. I will not reveal too much yet, but in 2016 we plan to hold twelve FFC events in the United States and Mexico as well as eight events in Europe,” concluded Orsat Zovko.