FFC pre-fight press conference: FFC President announces a surprise, fighters promise KO’s

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FFC 27 Night of Champions pre-fight press conference took place today at Hotel Sheraton in Zagreb ahead of the biggest FFC event so far. FFC 27 Night of Champions got a special name since it will be the biggest event in the history of Final Fight Championship, and features ten title bouts. It will be a very spectacular end of a very successful FFC year that included events both in the US and Europe and it is definitely not something you want to miss!

FFC matchmaker Marko Petrak first introduced the participants to the media and then the audience was addressed by FFC President Orsat Zovko.

“We have prepared an excellent spectacle and the event features our biggest stars that also fought at Bellator and UFC but they are now members of our roster too. Not only that there will be top matches, our production will also be incredible this time as well and there will be some surprises,” said Zovko and gave the word to FFC champs and contenders – Mladen Brestovac, Darko Stošić, Filip Pejić, David Mitchell, Jeremy Kimball, Maro Perak, Ivica Trušček and Luka Jelčić.

“It’s definitely the most important fight of my life and good, skilled and experienced opponent. However, I think that I am better and if I don’t finish him I will consider it as my personal failure,” said Ivica Trušček who will try to win the welter division belt against Roberto Soldić.

After Ivica, the mike went to Maro Perak who will fight dagerous Jeremy Kimball.

“I saw his last fight, as well as several previous fights. We’ll see what happens; I cannot predict anything now. I’m ready, we both move very fast and you never know what can happen when it comes to punches. I can’t wait for the fight, I’m already tired of preps,” said Perak.

Another local fighter in the battle for the title will be Luka Jelčić who confirmed he will have one of the most famous coaches in his corner, John Kavanagh, who is also coaching Conor McGregor. Luka also seized this opportunity to say what FFC belt would mean to him.

“This is a Croatian product that is recognized throughout the world and this is one of the best organizations in the world. To win this belt in my hometown will be a great pleasure and honor,” said Luka.

Jeremy Kimball made his FFC debut in Daytona Beach with a memorable KO after only 14 seconds in the first round. This time he plans to do even better.

“This is my first time in Croatia. I am very well prepared and excited to be here. I think I’m the owner of the fastest knockout in the FFC and I’m going to beat this record,” confidently the American fighter.

One of the most experienced fighters on the FFC 27 fight card will be David Mitchell, an MMA veteran who has fought in many of the world’s most famous arenas, but he is also particularly impressed by the FFC. This 37-year-old American got a new opponent on a very short notice since Pavel Doroftei had to cancel his appearance.

“Actually, Doroftei and Manzolo fought each other so I’ve seen his fights. I think I’m the world’s best fighter in the middleweight division. I learned a lot, I trained and progressed from the last fight in this promotion so that I am now well prepared for war. I’m glad I fight again in the FCC. In Springfield, everything was incredibly arranged when it comes to production. I fought in the UFC, WSOF and around the world but I’ve never seen something that can be compared to the FFC level of production. “

This event will also feature big rematch in the MMA heavyweight division – Darko Stošić vs Dion Staring.

“You wanted a rematch and you will now get it. I’m not running away from anything. He thinks he won, but even the best referees like Herb Dean said it was not so. This Saturday you will see a great match,” said Darko and added that legendary Cro Cop will not be in his corner after all since he got ill and does not want to risk his upcoming match at Rizin.

Hometown hero Filip Pejić is back to fight in front of his fans in Zagreb and he is visibly confident. This time his opponent will be England’s James Brum.

“My last match was quite difficult. I spent some time with my new team now and so far I have progressed a lot and it will show in this match. What can I say… I will knock him out,” said Pejić.

One of the world’s top heavyweights, Mladen Brestovac, will try to win his tenth FFC match this Saturday and his opponent will be Daniel Lentie from France.

“It will not be easy, I expect a tough match, but I’m used to it so it will not be a problem. I have respect for everyone and every fighter. I cannot wait for Saturday,” said Brestovac about his match.

Despite the fact that this will be the biggest challenge for the FFC when it comes to the production, FFC President admits that FFC debut in the US was the biggest challenge neverthelss. However, Zovko said that he plans to move the offices to Las Vegas and organize events there.

Official weigh-in will take place tomorrow at 2 PM in Hotel Sheraton Zagreb.