FFC06: "BH Diamond" Emkić vs Moroccan El Bouni

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Igor Emkić (I. Kaurloto / Fight Channel)

The last piece of the puzzle for the FFC06 to be held on June 14 in Poreč, Croatia, has fallen into place. The official FFC website has revealed the last unknown quantity – the last matchup of the truly spectacular event in the Istrian resort.

The Bosnian "kickboxing diamond" Igor Emkić will thus in one of the main card bouts face young Moroccan Ibrahim El Bouni. Both fighters, who will test each other in the under-85 kg division, have already been in the Final Fight ring before. The memory of Emkić's fight in Osijek is still very fresh in mind, considering his fantastic display against Ivan "The Terrible" Stanić. The fighter from Bosnia and Herzegovina decided the bout with a highlight knockout in the third round, sending Stanić to a five-minute sleep.

El Bouni also presented himself to the Croatian audience in the best possible light with an excellent performance at FFC03 in Split against arguably the best Croatian in this weight class, Toni Milanović. In an even fight, the judges decided in Milanović's favor after three rounds, which raised a lot of criticism among the martial arts public which generally thought that the win should have been given to the Moroccan.

Considering a novelty added by the FFC in its events, which is six fights on the main card, the Emkić – El Bouni bout will be the first to take place in this part of the evening.

FFC06: Poreč
Igor Jurković (CRO) vs. Dževad Poturak (BiH), KB HW
Hesdy Gerges (EGP) vs. Pavel Zhuravlev (UKR), KB HW
Ivica Trušček (CRO) vs. Laszlo Senyei (HUN), MMA -77kg
Emil Poljak (CRO) vs. Dorijan Ilić (CRO), MMA HW
Miran Fabjan (SLO) vs. Ivan Bilić (CRO), KB -81kg
Igor Emkić (BiH) vs. Ibrahim El Bouni (MAR), KB -85 kg
Mladen Kujundžić (CRO) vs. Nikola Dimkovski (SER), KB HW
Ivan Vitasović (CRO) vs. Stefan Traunmuller (AUS), MMA HW
Samo Petje (SLO) vs. Teo Mikelić (CRO), KB -71kg
Tonči Peruško (CRO) vs. Nenad Šančić (CRO), MMA -81kg