Fight Channel becomes a part of United Media

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Fight Channel, a synonym for fighting sports in the region of former Yugoslavia, became a part of United Media which is expanding its portfolio with some of the most exciting channels. Fight Channel will now be added to their Sport Klub package bringing a new UFC season.

Due to a two-year contract with the fastest growing fighting sports organization in the world, Fight Channel viewers will be able to watch all UFC spectacles, that is, more than 40 live events per year. As the world’s major MMA promotion, UFC has been bringing some of the world’s most elite fighters to their Octagon selling out world’s biggest arenas and stadiums.

Fight Channel’s 24-hour program also includes more than 100 live events per year coming from other pretigious promotions such as Bellator, Glory World Series, FFC and other. The channel also has rich archives of legendary events like the It’s Showtime, King of the Cage and Cage Rage. In addition to international events, Fight Channel promotes local and regional fighting sports scene and provides educational content through numerous documentaries.

Established 6 years ago, Fight Channel is unique in its content when it comes to Europe and it is among few other similar channels in the world. “I am very happy with this acquisition. United Media will give Fight Channel an additional boost and it already has no rival in Europe. Now it can be launched to the international market where it will surely become one of the leading channels when it comes to this genre,” said Orsat Zovko, Fight Channel CEO.

„Together with N1, Cinemania, Lov i ribolov, Grand, Ultra, Mini Ultra, Bambino, Orlando as well as a whole array of Sport Klub channels, we are now enriching our offer with this prestigeous channel specialized in fighting sports. As a part of our company, Fight Channel will now have a financial support and we will additionaly invest in it. It will also be an opportunity for Fight Channel to expand its program with other exciting live broadcasts and other content,“ stated Aleksandra Subotić, United Media CEO.