Filip Pejić: Something went wrong in my head, my coach asked me where I was

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Filip Pejic

Filip Pejić and Alexis Savvidis fought at FFC 28 in Athens this Saturday in a match that ended as a draw. Croati’a Pejić is more than unsatisfied with his performance since he came to the Greek capital with big ambitions.

”The fight ended as a draw. We both did well, but something happened in my head and I was not present at all. My thoughts were somewhere else and I could not do anything I wanted to do. Whether it was the fact that his fans were there or the atmosphere, I don’t know. This is just a lesson and this is MMA, the hardest sport in the world. I reached a high level and all the fighters at my level are good, the differences are minimal. I learned a lot from this match, I will consult some experts and move on,“ wrote Filip on his Facebook.

The mental aspect of the game was the reason Pejić also lost in his UFC debut and it seems he still did not learn to control that part of the fight. He also commented his corner and his opponent potentially fighting dirty.

”I accept it all. Everything that happened. And I do not blame myself for any of it. It just was not my day. My coach asked me where I was in between the rounds. I was just staring at blank point and I did not get anything. I will now work even harder on it and I will change my philosophy because I proved I’m also tough on the ground. If my opponent did not have Vaseline on him, I would finish him with a single bar. Thank you all, guys. I will come back stronger than before, believe me!”

Pjeić vs. Savvidis was a catchweight bout so the title was not at stake. However, Pejić did not call out anyone, as he promised he would. Maybe it happens when the impressions settle a couple of days later.