Gerges beats Zhuravlev in an awesome fight, Jurković on his way to the FFC top!

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Zhuravlev vs Gerges

The Final Fight Championship gave another amazing event in the Žatika Poreč venue last Friday, definitely the strongest in terms of fighters' names this year. The fights provided thrill and entertainment for the 3,500-strong crowd that enjoyed the spectacle which lasted a little bit over three hours, topped off by the main events won by Hesdy Gerges and Igor Jurković.

FFC 6 had a great opening with a fight between Teo Mikelić and Samo Petje, and the crowd was already getting their money's worth. In the end, Mikelić was a bit more accurate and active, winning by decision.
At the official weigh-ins a day before, the biggest tension could be felt in the stare-down between Matija Blažičević and Phillip Šarić, and interesting things happened in the ring as well, ending in a stoppage win for Matija in the middle of the second roound.

Austrian MMA fighter Stefan Traunmuller has continued to build his respectable score with a win over Ivan Vitasović from Pula, who was maybe even the better fighter at one point, but a moment of carelessness and Stefan triumphed after three and a half minutes of the first round.

The last prelim was a duel between Mladen Kujundžić and Nikola Dimkovski. The heavyweights didn't provide too much entertainment for the crowd this time. In a relatively unattractive fight, Kujundžić was by far the more active fighter, but he couldn't finish things off with a knockout and ultimately had to settle for a decision win over an opponent who was obviously affected by a long break.

The main card was opened by Ibrahim El Bouni and Igor Emkić, which turned out to be the shortest fight of the evening. The fighters had barely broken any sweat in the ring when the fight was over thanks to one accurate punch from Ibrahim landing on Igor's chin and sending the latter instantly to the floor. This was the first professional loss for the talented fighter from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Yet the author of the most sever knockout of the evening was Dorijan Ilić, who justified his status as one of the greatest MMA hopes in the region by defeating Emil Poljak after a little more than two minutes, when he literally froze him up, forcing the medical crew to step into the ring.

Perhaps the biggest upset of the evening was the last MMA fight of the event in Poreč. Ivica Trušček, after beating Vaso Bakočević at FFC 4 in Zadar, failed to continue with winning ways. Many pundits thought that he didn't seem in the mood to fight on the evening, and ultimately Hungarian Laszlo Senyei got away with a decision win.

At last, it was time for the clash which raised the most interest among the world's martial arts public. The spotlight was on K-1 World Grand Prix Final participants Hesdy Gerges and Pavel Zhuravlev, who  definitely can't be denied their K-1 elite status by anyone. Gerges was more active by a large margin with his leg strikes, especially low kicks, while Zhuravlev focused more on his boxing technique. Although Pavel was pretty accurate, the judges favored foot techniques and gave the win to the Egyptian.

The home crowd was looking forward the most to another appearance by its local hero Igor Jurković, who dominated throughout the fight against Dževad Poturak. The Bosnian kickboxer appeared not to be fully ready to do three rounds and his activity declined as the fight progressed, while Igor lacked the power needed for a knockout, but did enough to win by unanimous decision.

FFC 6 results
KB: Teo Mikelić def. Samo Petje – decision
MMA: Matija Blažičević def. Phillip Šarić – R2 2:31 stoppage
MMA: Stefan Traunmuller def. Ivan Vitasović – R1 3:32 stoppage
KB: Mladen Kujundžić def. Nikola Dimkovski – decision
KB: Ibrahim El Bouni def. Igor Emkić – R1 0:29 KO
KB: Miran Fabjan def. Ivan Bilić – decision
MMA: Dorijan Ilić def. Emil Poljak – R1 2:10 KO
MMA: Laszlo Senyei def. Ivica Trušček – decision
KB: Hesdy Gerges def. Pavel Zhuravlev – decision
KB: Igor Jurković def. Dževad Poturak – decision