Gerges vs Zhuravlev: I feel better than ever before!

Regional-newsHIGHLIGHTED 03.06.2013 00:00h Author:

Hesdy Gerges

Hesdy Gerges currently belongs to the very top of the world's K-1 heavyweight table without any doubt, just like his opponent for FFC 6 in Poreč, Pavel Zhuravlev.

This is a fight which has caused a surge of worldwide interest just by its announcement, and the fact that we are truly in for a fantastic bout before Igor Jurković and Dževad Poturak enter the ring for a co-main event in Poreč has been foretold by Hesdy himself via his Facebook profile.

Gerges has posted the amazing FFC 6 poster on Facebook, and also added a brief statement to it.

"On June 14 I'm fighting Pavel Zhuravlev in Croatia. I'm training now at Vosgym Amsterdam House of Legends and I feel better than ever. I'll prove it to you against Pavel! Osu!!" wrote Hesdy, who'd previously prepared at Chakuriki Gym, but its main coach Thom Harinck has recently decided to end his career.