Hrgović in ambitious plan to dethrone Vladimir Klitschko!

Regional newsHIGHLIGHTED 29.10.2014 13:11h Author:

Photo: Facebook

One of the best Croatian heavyweights and boxers Filip Hrgović will help Kubrat Pulev, the next title challenger who will fight Vladimir Klitschko in about two weeks’ time, November 15 in Hamburg. Hrgović was invited as one of the official sparring partners and he traveled to Berlin with Croatia’s biggest boxing expert, Leonard Pijetraj and his colleague Hrvoje Sep.

In a short Facebook post, Hrgović revealed more details:

“I am on my way to Berlin with my team where I was invited as sparring partner to Kubrat Pulev, title challenger who will fight Vladimir Kl Klitschko November 15. I am honored he chose me and I hope we will do some great sparring together. Pulev is European amateur champion and his current score is pretty good, 20 wins (11 KO), no losses. My coach Leonard Pijetraj and my colleague Hrvoje Sep are also travelling with me. Hrvoje will fight excellent Jürgen Brähmer with the score of 44 wins (32 KO) and two losses”, wrote Hrgović.

Whether Croatian champion will help the Bulgarian boxer to dethrone the world boxing champion, we will find out in some 15 days, but the mere invitation to spar with Pulev is yet another proof of Hrgović’s great skills and quality.