Ilić: I don’t know if I’ll fight against Delija

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Dorijan Ilić (I.Kaurloto / Fight Channel)

Dorijan Ilić displayed his big talent in the first serious fights of his MMA career. However, he has yet to face some real challenges, and one of those could be Ante Delija, who called him out immediately after his win over Emil Poljak at FFC 6 last Friday in Poreč.

The Rijeka-based fighter has revealed in a brief interview with Fight Site that he presently could not confirm whether he is really interested in that fight or will he accept it if the FFC management offers it in the foreseeable future.

"For me, any offer is a challenge, and as for the fight against Delija, it would definitely be a clash of two styles. My plan was to do some fights abroad, but considering I have several offers, I need to think well on what would be best for me," Dorian shared his future career plans.

There have been many negative comments against Ilić punching Emil Poljak who was already knocked out and lying on the floor, but Dorijan in this case shifts the blame to the referee who is in charge of protecting the fighters in the ring. "I think referee should've reacted a few seconds earlier. I saw that Poljak started to get back up after he went down and I couldn't be completely objective at that moment," Ilić said.