Ivana Habazin decides to continue her boxing career!

Regional newsHIGHLIGHTED 29.10.2014 13:51h Author:

Ivana Habazin (Photo: Predrag Šuka)

Croatia’s best female boxer Ivana Habazin decided to continue her, so far, very successful boxing career. A month and a half after her defeat in the title fight that united world’s four biggest titles, she changed her mind and decided she will not retire, as she announced.

After the defeat she suffered from Cecilia Braekhus in “the biggest match of women’s boxing”, Ivana Habazin said she will quit fighting professionally. She stated a couple of arguments. First of all, state and state institutions did not support her at all, despite her top results. Friends and boxing fans tried to convince Ivana not to give up since she is still young and has a chance to score even better results. However, the media reported Ivana firmly decided to leave the boxing behind and dedicate herself to other things.

However, many were delighter after they saw Ivana’s Facebook status yesterday since she wrote she decided to continue with boxing nevertheless. We can only assume she needed some time to cool down and process everything that happened before she made the right decision.

“A month and a half after my last match I started to feel and to understand it should not end like this. Despite the fact that this country does not support me at all, I believe I need to go on and keep fighting. I’m not a coward. At this moment I am in Berlin and I’m training and sparring with Cecelia Braekhus. After that I’m going back to Croatia where I have a new match schedulesd November 29 in Samobor, Croatia. Today I had a great sparring session; I’m learning new things and gathering new experiences. I am happy and grateful I have a chance to learn and progress with the help of the world’s best female boxer. So, it’s not over until it’s over, although it might be harder than ever. I thank God. God is wise and mighty.”

This news thrilled all Croatian boxing fans who wish Ivana a lot of success. We do not doubt Ivana will make us proud and we hope that Croatian institutions will finally provide her support she deserves!