Ivana Habazin scores a win in her comeback match

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Ivana Habazin

After 15 months Croatia’s best female boxer Ivana Habazin made her comeback match and scored a decision win after six rounds.

Habazin fought Valentina Stanković who stepped in after two previous opponents cancelled. Ivana was not rushing to finish the match against a foe who was not up to her skills. Rather, she wanted to feel the ring and the fight which was obvious in her performance. Later she had only the best words for Stanković and said that she already had another match on her mind.

After this win Ivana’s score jumped to 16-3, while her only losses were title bouts. However, the only thing that still poses a problem to her is the financial side of this sport which was one of the main topics in her biographic documentary „Zero Dollar Baby“ in which Ivana talks about the setbacks she faced, but managed to win the IBF title nevertheless. Her biggest accomplishment was probably the fact that Cecilia Braekhus invited her to be her sparring partner since Ivana showed amazing skills and big heart in their match.