Jelčić to Soldić: “Take that syringe out of your ass and I’ll be happy to demolish you”

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Soldic vs. Jelcic

FFC lightweight champ Luka Jelčić and FFC welterweight king Roberto Soldić continue to wage social media war.

It all started when Soldić called out Jelčić despite the fact that they fight in different divisions. Luka Jelčić replied with a photoshopped picture of Soldić with a syringe which provoked the champ who replied that he is 100% natural.

In his latest interview with MMANovosti, Jelčić repeated what he thinks about Soldić and said he’d fight him in case he drops the weight and if they fight in lightweight.

“He didn’t say anything. He’s not the first one and he’s not the last one. It’s very normal in this sport. My first reaction was to ask him what he wanted. He posted this stupid photo and wrote ‘Champion vs. champion’. I wanted to know the details,” said Jelčić.

“And if it is going to be champion vs. champion then we have to fight in lightweight or welterweight division. And since he wants to fight me, 70 kg is my division, so he better take that syringe out of his ass and drop to 70. And then we’ll fight,” Jelčić said and added that FFC still has not contacted him on that matter.

“They know whom to call. That’s his manager’s job and I will gladly destroy him. I see this match as any other and I see myself as the winner. Against anyone. This is my division. I am the FFC champion and whoever wants to fight me, fine. I always see myself as the winner.”

“If you check out my older interviews, I never said how the match would end. If I can finish my opponent, I will finish him. If not, I will demolish him during all three rounds. That’s for sure. I’m ready, I train to fight the best. I cannot escape that. And it all depends on my opponent as well. If he can take the beating, he will make it to the second round. If he can take even more beating, he will make it to the third. This is my division. I’m reaching my peak and my best years are yet to come. I believe that I have a lot of years ahead of me and that I will fight some of the best fighters in the world and win. As long as I feel like this, noon can beat me.”