Kujundžić survives first round, scores a KO in the second

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This Wednesday Croatian kickboxer Mladen Kujundžić won a match at the Tatnef Cup event in Kazan, Russia. „The Dynamite“ thus made it to the pre-quarter finals after he KO’ed Rustam Azimov from Uzbekistan.

Originally, Kujundžić was to fight Russia’s Alexander Vezhevatov, but his opponent was changed twice in a very short period of time. Luckily, that did not make any impact on Kujundžić who defeated his opponent in the second round.

Nevertheless, Azimov shook Kujunddžić up in the first round after a vicious hook. Referee did not notice and the match went to the second round when it became obvious that Kujundžić was in brilliant shape. He first landed a big high kick that shook Azimov up and then he continued with powerful low kicks. After a while, Azimov could not stand on his feet anymore and the referee stopped the match.

This is Kujundžić’s third Tatnef Cup event. In 2015 he defeated Germany’s Andre Langen but in 2016 he lost to Maxim Bolotov.

„Guys, thank you all for your support. I enjoyed this match and I hope you did too. I would like to thank all of you guys who helped me get ready. Thanks Roman, Luka Brkljača and everybody else who believed me. Tomorrow, as I promise, we will spar together again. Enjoy till tomorrow!“ wrote Kujundžić on his Facebook profile after the match.