Luka Ćurković on his dramatic FFC debut: “I like to beat my opponents up and I don’t mind getting punched!”

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Luka Curkovic

Croatia’s young MMA fighter Luka Ćurković fighting out of UFK Ban fought in his FFC debut this weekend in Linz, Austria. Despite the fact that he was on the brink of losing the fight, Ćurković managed to make an upset and end the match via stoppage proving his talent as well as his strong will and survival instinct.

Now that the impressions have settled, Ćurković shared his view on his FFC debut.

‘The feeling was just perfect! I enjoyed the fight and I believed I would win.’ said Ćurković who now scored his sixth professional win.

At FFC Linz Ćurković squared off with Selim Topuz in an opening match of the kickboxing event. The Turkish fighter managed to shake Ćurković up in the first round, but after that Ćurković took control. He finished his opponent via RNC in the second round.

‘I think it was an exciting match, as I promised it would be. My friends and family are a bit angry because they said it was hard to watch me fight, but I love it. I like to get beaten up and I like to beat my opponents up. It just proved that my opponent was tough. This is a big lesson, I will study my mistakes and get better,’ said Ćurković and added that he cannot wait for his next FFC appearance.

‘I really enjoyed this whole weekend spent with FFC crew. Excellent team and atmosphere, I have only good words for FFC. And I can’t wait for my next fight! Tomorrow I’m going back to the gym to train even harder and to be ready when FFC calls me back. I will fight whomever they give me!’